Field-by-field Applications

Integrating multiple functionalities into single dressing or bandage is highly desirable, since it will improve patients’ living qualities while reducing medical-involved costs.

Portable energy has become increasing important with rising electronic devices and an astonish 7.2 billion cell phones around the globe. The limitation for longer lasting and light weight portable energy is a challenge.

Every year more than 7 million people receive a bone transplant or an orthopedic implant. While great advancement has been made, doctors still rely on many of the same basic techniques and principles used decades ago.

New generation of technology has been invented for large-sized, less-contamination, and scale-up synthesis of graphene sheets. Automatic and programmed preparation flow is developed and prototyped.

In the past decade, human-machine interaction has shifted from primitive typing/mouse‐based methods, to more advanced touch‐based interfacing options.