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Our labs are fully equipped for chemical and nanoparticle synthesis, basic microfabrication, and characterization. Below is a list of major equipment present in our laboratories, and see Graphene Research Centre, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, and the Faculty of Science for equipment and clean room facilities.

Facilities of our group

Probe Station (Model: Lakeshore CRX-VF)

Key features of the Probe Station
    * 2.25 Tesla vertical field superconducting magnet
    * Closed cycle refrigerator provides high stability cryogen-free operation from 10 K to 500 K
    * Control stability to 10 mK
    * Low vibration design: <1 µm at sample stage (X, Y, and Z axes)
    * Measurements from DC to 67 GHz
    * Sample holders optimized for low noise, high frequency, or high impedance measurements
    * Accommodates up to 51 mm (2 in) diameter wafers
    * Probe arms with 3-axis adjustments and ±5° planarization
    * Cables, shields, and guards minimize electrical noise and thermal radiation losses

"EGaIn" Setup

The so called “EGaIn-setup” is a home-built set-up that uses the eutectic metal alloy EGaIn (75.5% Ga and 24.5% In by weight) to form electrical contact with SAMs softly and to measure the J(V) characteristics at room temperature.

Thermal Evaporator

The thermal evaporator is suitable to deposite metal onto up to 6 wafers simultaneously. The position of sample holder can be adjusted to avoid over heating of substrate during the evaporation.