Electrochemical Scanning Tunnelling Microscope System (Model: Agilent SPM 5500)

Key features
    * Scan Size: 8 μm x 8 μm x 1.6 μm
    * Sensitivity: 1nA/V and 0.1nA/V; (current range 0.4pA to 10nA) 1nA/V preamp sensitivity; noise level 3pA; max current ±10nA; 0.1nA/V preamp sensitivity; noise level 0.4pA; max current ±1nA;STM preamp 1nA/V can be switchable on the scanner to give sensitivities of both 0.1nA/V and 1nA/V
    * Resolution: XY <0.13nm, Z <0.01nm
    * System current noise: < 0.4 pA
    * Imaging in ambient, controlled gas, or in a fluid environment
    * Bipotentiostat to control counter electrode (Pt), reference electrode (Ag), pogo - working electrode and STM-probe
    * Provides electrochemical functionality for STM
    * Current: ±10uA to 10mA, 10nA sensitivity
    * Potential ±10V, 3mV sensitivity

Inverted microscope

High sensitivity spectral and imaging dark-field and TIRF microscope system: built for imaging light emission and scattering from nano-structures and single molecules. It includes Inverted research grade Dia/Epi-scopic TIRF and Darkfield microscope, TIRF(available for white light TIRF and laser TIRF), Ultra-high sensitivity back-illuminated EMCCD Camera System, Integrated imaging spectrograph with 2Detector Ports.

Frontier FT-IR MIR/NIR

Detector: DTGS MCT (protected by liquid nitrogen)

Accessory: Grazing angle specular reflectance with manual polarizer, KRS-5, 80 Degree (fixed)

Introduction: The PerkinElmer Frontier™ IR/NIR system is a combined FT-IR spectrometer, covering the complete mid-infrared and near-infrared spectral ranges. The system combines optimum performance in both the Mid-IR and Near-IR regions with sampling versatility in a single instrument with the grazing angle reflectance mode, which is designed to measure self-assembled monolayers or organic thin layers.