NANONICS MV4000 Multiprobe SNOM (Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope) system

Key features
* Dual probe near-field optical (SNOM, ASNOM, sSNOM) measurements
    * MV4000 Dual Probe function provides a flexible platform for simultanous STM and SNOM functionality. 
    * Scan area
30 microns (XYZ) for each probe scanning module.
80 microns (XYZ) sample scanning only
110 microns (XYZ) with sample and probe scanning
140 microns (XY) with sample and two probe scanning

   * Sample size:  
Up to 16 mm standard
Up to 34mm for upright microscope operation
Up to 55mm without sample scanning  
    * SNOM:
SNOM Resolution: 100 nm on installation
Topography resolution: Z noise 0.05 nm rms.
X.Y lateral resolution: convolution of tip diameter & sample
SNOM mode: Transmission, Reflection, Collection, Illumination
Laser 512 nm 30 mW available.

* Single Photon Detector (APD Excelitas):
Wavelength range 400 nm to 1060 nm.
Photon counting time: as fast as 1 micro second.
Maximum load 4M counts per second.
Collect to Fiber (NSOM probe) with an Fc connector or to Microscope with a c-mount.

* STM:
System current noise: < 0.4 pA 
Imaging in ambient, controlled gas, or in a fluid environment
STM probe : Pt/Ir, gold coated glass fiber
Current: ±10uA to 10mA, 10nA sensitivity
Potential ±10V, 3mV sensitivity
Resolution : similar to SNOM (depends on tips).

* Other modes:
Traditional AFM mode, Conducting AFM etc.
Resolution similar to the SNOM mode.

Solartron 1260A Impedance/Gain-phase Analyzer (FRA)

Frequency response analyzers (FRAs) are often used to measure the complex impedance of materials. Used alone, they lack the sensitivity required for accurate measurements. The 1296A dielectric interface enhances the capabilities of Solartron Analytical’s 1260A FRA to cope with ultra-low current and capacitance levels. Key features of the system are,

• Impedance measurements to exceed 100 TΩ (1014Ω)

• Frequency range from 10 μHz up to 10 MHz

• Potentiodynamic impedance measurements with DC bias voltages up to 40 V.