A number of positions for undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral positions are available in the group of Prof. Özyilmaz at the Physics Department and the Graphene Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The fellows will join a recently funded multi-disciplinary research effort on graphene.

Post-Doctoral and Research Assistant Positions

Post-Doc positions in the following areas are available:

  1. Post-doctoral positions in 2D Spintronics
  2. Post-doctoral positions in Nanofoam
  3. Post-doctoral positions in Monolayer Amorphous Carbon (MAC)

SG United Traineeship Programmes are available:

  1. Research Apprentice for energy storage device research

If you are interested in joining the group as an undergraduate, Ph.D. student or a post-doctoral research scientist, please have a look for more detailed information at the research page and facilities. For more information email Prof. Özyilmaz.

How to Apply for Ph.D.

If you are interested in joining the group, admission to the group is straightforward, assuming you are a qualified, hardworking and highly motivated student.

Please email me your CV and application letter. Please try to emphasis in your email why you would like to do a Ph.D. specifically in my group that would be most helpful. Note that generally speaking all Ph.D. students admitted into the program will be automatically awarded a full Ph.D. scholarship for 4 years, and unlike the United States, do not require any financial support from the professor. There are at least 4 scholarships you are eligible for which vary in terms of requirement and prestige. The most basic scholarship is the NUS research scholarship through which almost of the student are funded.The most prestigious one is the NGS scholarship.

For more detailed information about PhD scholarships please refer here.

Honours Year Projects and UROPS

If you are looking for an exciting project regarding Graphene and/or other 2D materials, we have projects catering to both applied and fundamental science. We strongly recommend students to apply to us regarding these.