The following links are a compilation of articles, press clippings and research papers encompassing both the fundamentals and commercial prospects and applications of Graphene.

For a great introduction to graphene, one cannot go past the Nature paper, “A roadmap for graphene”, by Kostya Novoselov. Commercial developments in the field of graphene applications are well covered in the articles from the Economist, Financial Times and Forbes. A more philosophical narrative on the path towards the discovery of graphene is found in Geim’s Nobel series. Lastly, the YouTube videos provides a more “hands-on” demonstration of graphene transfer, as filmed in the Ozyilmaz laboratory.

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“How could graphene transform the future?”A BBC mini-documentary on Graphene, including an interview with Kostya.

“A roadmap for graphene”Kostya Novoselov’s roadmap for graphene.

“The fuss about graphene”The Economist’s take on the potential of Graphene.

“Lightbulb moment as first mass­market graphene product goes live”The Financial Times describes the first graphene based lightbulb.

“Graphene: Faster, stronger, bendier”Recent developments and prospects for graphene applications.

“Graphene: What the Pros Think”Timeline for the commercialization of graphene.

“Geim: Random Walk to Graphene”A story describing Sir Andre Geim’s journey towards discovering graphene.

“Geim: Nobel Laureate Lecture”Sir Andre Geim’s lecture upon receiving the Nobel Prize.

“Future Applications of Graphene”A video by SKKU on the potential applications of graphene.

“Large Scale CVD Graphene Transfer”A video showing a real transfer of CVD graphene.

“Making Graphene 101, Ozyilmaz’ Group”A video showing how to exfoliate graphene from graphite.